2020 Vision

Hello! Hello! Is this thing on?

I know it's been a while but I'm back! I hope everyone is well and practicing social distancing!

My sister had the amazing idea to Vision Boards yesterday with my mom and I but not with Magazines, on our phones! I thought it was great! We created our boards with Canva, I highly recommend this app for all creators out there!

Now I did attend a Manifest and Mimosas event at the end of last year to do my vision board for 2020 and some things have definitely changed.

This is what I came up with last night, I'll touch on each one below:

Square #1 - Going out

This isn't just going to clubs and day parties (even though that will definitely happen) but this also includes those solo trips to museums and brunch and anything that involves me getting out of the house and just enjoying life. This quarantine has really shown me the little things I've taken for granted and I'm not doing that anymore.

Square #2 - Friendships

I've spent so much time putting these relationships on the back burner out of fear that they would all end badly. My communication in friendships is terrible and I am making it one of my main goals this year to correct. I want to make sure I am surrounding myself with great people which means I need to be great to them. To all of my current friends, I love ya'll. And to the friends I've lost at my own hand, I do apologize for any pain or discomfort I've caused towards the end of our friendship and for not talking it out. I personally feel like friendship breakups are ten times harder than intimate relationships because you feel like you're losing your people and it sucks because they are who you would normally go to for these things. I promise to be better.

Square #3 - Self Care/Spirituality

I don't know, nor do I care, how everyone feels about crystals and sage and meditation but they've really been helping me. I added this to my board because I often neglect my own feelings and ignore my spirit when it comes to pleasing others so I'm promising to take care of myself first. Promising to get to the root of my feelings and actions and get to a peaceful place in my life. I want to open up and be more understanding of myself and others around me. I've also included therapy in this goal.

Square #4 - XO Beauty/ Lash Certification

I really want to take my brand to the next level and not just hair. I want XO beauty to be an empire. I'm working on my lash certification and I'm also planning on enrolling in cosmetology school part time. I know it'll take time but I want to make sure I put all of my energy into this.

Square #5 - Atlanta

I am finally making that move back to Atlanta. I've loved my time here in Maryland but I feel like it's time to finish what I started. I've learned a lot while being here and I feel like I can take all of this new information and build something great in Georgia.

Square #6 - Dating

I'm closed off, I know that. I added dating/love to my board because I want to get over that fear of being hurt and just enjoy life. Every date doesn't need to turn into a relationship, I just want to open myself up to new experiences and to allow myself to let new people in.

Square #7 - Gardening

In light of my Gluten allergy confirmation, I want to grow some of my own foods, mainly vegetables. I feel like it'd be so rewarding for me to be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables and actually KNOW what I'm putting in my body. I also want to be able to grow my own sunflowers, roses and lilies.

Square #8 - Painting

Painting has become my second love. It's probably my favorite outlet. I want to really improve my craft and eventually be able to start a store because I've been getting requests to purchase some of my work.

Square #8 - Travel

Of course! My main goal is to travel more! Southwest is going to be my best friend. I don't care where I'm going but I'm promising myself more vacations to places I've always wanted to see.

These goals aren't set in stone but are definitely where all of my focus will be for 2020. What does your vision board look like? Have you hit any of your goals? Have any goals changed? Upload a picture of yours in the comments!

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Stay safe out there!

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