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I recently saw a post floating around on Facebook and the responses really rubbed me the wrong way so lets all settle in unpack this. But before I do, I just want you all to know this post is more of a rant than anything.

The post said:

"Casual sex is one of the worst things women do to themselves.

It allows men to use you up and discard you. That's why your self-esteem is so low."

Now this is one of the most "pick me" posts I've seen in a while but I'll bite.

Some of the responses included "... you have to earn my treasure to see the contents inside dabox..." and "...then you get to a point where you think your ready to "settle down" and by then you are used and abused and when a good man comes around you allow your insecurities to tarnish that relationship." We also have "The oversexualization of women and the feminist movement has really made some women lose their femininity. We are not men...The mentality that casual sex is ok, is the reason why generational curses linger." And then we have our honorable mentions:

"There's nothing casual about giving your noni to someone. You are worth more than a lay!"

"How is she special that everyone has had her?"

FIRST lets start with the a few basic definitions in case a few people are confused;

Generational Curse: A Generational Curse involves negative patterns from your family history that are repeated in your own life.

Casual Sex: Sexual activity between people who are not established sexual partners or do not know each other well.


I really don't like statements like these because I feel like there is no right answer. Well... there is but at the end of the day, who are you to comment on the way someone else to live their life?

When speaking of General Curses it is really important that people do their research and not just repeat things they've seen on Facebook posts with a colorful background. YOU CANNOT PASS A GENERATION CURSE THROUGH SEX. A GENERATIONAL CURSE COMES FROM YOUR OWN FAMILY. There is no need to dig deeper into generational curses on this post because it's self explanatory (I'll definitely write a separate post on it) .

When people speak on casual sex, they make it seem like you're going around sleeping with every person you come in contact with. You can be in a situation where you're having casual sex with one person for a long period of time. Calling someone "used" or "ran through" because of the amount of partners they've had is just rude and disrespectful. First of all, that's none of your business. I honestly feel like people who judge others for their lifestyles are jealous. Bottom line. They wish they had the freedom and power within to be able to go out and do what truly makes them happy. Second... everyone has a past, even those that claim they don't. No one is in the place to be able to judge ANYONE.

I don't know where people get off thinking they're the judge and jury of women's bodies but honestly you all need to get over yourselves. If someone want's to have casual sex, that's on them!

To the Women of the World: You are so beautiful and worthy and special. Do not let anyone make you think that your self worth is in any way linked to your sexual relations. Please don't let anyone allow you to believe that you are "less than" or "run down" because you are deciding what you want to do with your own body. As long as you are emotionally aware of the situation and everything is consensual, you don't have any thing to worry about or be ashamed of. Keep living your best life and doing whatever or whoever makes you happy. Life is too short to judge or worry about being judged.

And to the Prudes: MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

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"I've decided that I'm a good person and that I deserve good things to happen to me- and therefore I've decided that I'm going to pamper myself as much as possible... I'm not gonna let other people make me feel guilty about what I'm doing. I'm not gonna take responsibility for where other people are, no matter who they are or how related they think they are to me."  -Abraham Hicks

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